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I just want you to know that I am so happy you wanted me;especially under the circumstances..I am so greatful you are in my life. You make me feel alive again. If there is anything you ever want me to do for you I will..I want to make you the happiest man there is...You are the man I have been searching for and I dont want to let you go and I hope that no one or any situation tears us apart....I dont want you to doudt my feelings for you ever...I AM SO FUCKING IN LOVE WITH YOU!!! more in love then I ever thought I would ever be able to be.

Dont be affraid to let me know if there is anything sexually you want me to do, becuase I will do anything I can to give you pleasure..if you want me to swallow, i will.. If you want to pop sex me, you can..ANYTHING. Seeing you in pleasure only brings more pleasure and happiness to me..

You are my love, my friend and my dream. I miss you when I go to sleep when I wake up and when your only gone for a couple of minutes..I appreciate every thing you do, everything...

You make me want to be a better person..I always knew there was something about you, but if I knew we would be so fucking good together I would have never wasted my time on any one besides you...

Even though there may be times we piss each other off promise me you wont give up on me..I promise you I are way to special to me....

I love you more than TRENT.....

Love your woman,
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